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Laser Trend- Cold Laser Therapy on the Sunshine Coast

Cold Laser therapy is a modern laser-based version of the ancient study of acupuncture. It is completely painless. Cold Laser therapy stimulates the production of natural endorphins within the body. This treatment does not use drugs or cause side effects.



Smoke Cessation Guarantee

The Hassle – Free Money Back Guarantee.

If within 90 days from the date of your treatment, you have not stopped smoking, your fee will be refunded in full.

Terms and Guarantee Conditions


As people vary, then, should you require additional advice or support, we have available to you a free support phone service providing counselling. 9am. to 5pm. Monday to Friday Phone: 07 54454242.

A one on one counselling appointment will be arranged for you if deemed necessary by LaserTrend.

If you require support you must contact the free support phone service during the 90 day period and if required attend any free counselling appointment arranged for you.

You must not cancel, postpone, or fail to attend a treatment or counselling appointment arranged for you.

A plan will be discussed with you at the first appointment, you must follow the plan for 21 Days.

Counselling appointments are available on Tuesdays to Thursdays only. Allow up to 45 minutes for each counselling appointment if required.

To claim your money back, your claim must be in writing and delivered by Australia Post.

Laser Therapy is the help you need to break the habit

Cold laser therapy is a treatment to help you stop smoking, it is completely painless,relaxing and will help to free you from smoking.

What is cold laser therapy?

Painfree, relaxing and effective, cold laser therapy is a modern laser-based version of acupuncture.
Instead of acupuncture, a cold laser beam, no bigger than a ballpoint pen, is directed at energy points in the body, ears, nose and wrists.
The laser beam pulsates at the rate, frequency and power, to stimulate the release of endorphins by the body.
Endorphins are the body’s natural pain killers. Research suggests that endorphins also help to suppress physical cravings, such as the craving for nicotine.

What is cold laser?

A cold laser is a focused coherent beam of light of low power which stimulates endorphin production.

What does cold laser treatment feel like?

With cold laser therapy, only the beam of light touches your skin. Many people feel nothing while the laser works, others feel a slight warmth or tingling.
Because the treament does not use needles or anything attached to the skin, it is completely painfree and hygienic.

What is the procedure?

A treatment consists of a one hour session. During the session, the trerapist directs a laser beam onto various acupuncture energy points while you relax in a reclining chair.

Is cold laser therapy safe?

Yes, cold laser are completely safe, regardless of the age of the patient or their state of health.Cold laser light does not cut or burn, nor does it have any radioactivity.Cold laser therapy has no side-effects other than a feeling of relaxation. 

How long does the effect of the treatment last?

In clinical trials, cold laser have been shown to increase endorphins2,3 and to help people stop smoking1. The increase in endorphins last for a sufficient period of time to help overcome the craving for nicotine. But as people vary we can make no absolute guarantees.(see the LaserTrend hassle – free money back guarantee)So long as you have decided for yourself to stop smoking and if you are willing to follow some very simple instructions, you should be successful. 

Do I need anything to prepare for the treatment?

If possible, make sure that you have removed all cigarettes from your home, car and office. Wash or remove all ashtrays. If you live or work with smokers, you may wish to let them know that you are stopping smoking and enlist their support. 

How much does laser therapy cost?

The  treatment costs only $550.00. At a pack a day, that’s about $7300.00 per year. For the benefit to your health and wealth, cold laser therapy is excellent value. It’s time to call LaserTrend

How can I make an appointment?

Simply phone LaserTrend on 07 54454242 Make an appointment not an excuse 


Cold Laser Therapy

What is Laser Therapy?

Laser Therapy is similar to acupuncture but instead of using a needle it directs soft laser beams onto specific points of the body.

How Does It Work?

Cravings, lack of willpower and inability to quit are the three major obstacles to overcome when trying to stop smoking and are quite often the main reasons for starting again. Because it stimulates endorphins (in the same way as nicotine does), laser therapy is able to suppress physical cravings and enhance willpower, enabling a smoker to quit for good.

How Long Does the Therapy Last?

The programme is taken over one hour and can be designed to fit your requirements.

What Do the Sessions Consist of?

As well as laser therapy, clients receive counselling and back up support. Each client is also given a personalised strategy which helps to avoid relapse, weight gain and the weakening of willpower.

Is It Painful?

No. Some clients may experience a slight feeling of warmth or a tingling sensation but most will feel nothing except for a wonderful relaxed feeling.

Is It Safe?

Yes. Laser therapy is completely safe. The laser beam does not cut or burn and has no side effects other than the feeling of relaxation. Soft, low intensity laser beams have been used for over 30 years to treat a wide variety of conditions from arthritis to soft tissue injuries and now they are used to help people quit smoking for good.

How Successful is Laser Therapy?

Excellent, controlled medical research has shown how effective LLLT is, without the side effects of many other products on the market. You must want to stop smoking and if you do the laser therapy will help you.

Can Anyone Have Laser Therapy?

Most people can. A history is taken at the start of the treatment to ensure that no medical reason exist to prevent the therapy from going ahead.

What is the Cost of the Programme?

Surprisingly little. How much do you spend on cigarettes per Year? Avg pack per day = $7300.00 P/Year. The one hour laser therapy cost as little as $550.00 , that’s less than 10% of the avg cost per year. Make an Appointment not an excuse


1. Tam C et al, The use of laser on acupuncture points for smoking cessation. American Journal of Acupuncture, Apr-Jan 1987: Vol 15, No. 2 

2. Clement Jones V, McLaghlin L, Tomlin S et al. Increased B endorphin but not Met, Enkeptlalina levels in human CSF for recurrent pain. Lance 1980; 

3. Shanghai Medical School: Auricular acupuncture on smoking taste and plasma endorphins. J Changhai 1985 (3): 1-3.


What do others say about LaserTrend cold laser therapy?

Rating: 5 out of 5.


“I was very surprised that it worked. I have more money in my pocket.I have more money in my pocket.”

JW Mooloolaba Qld

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“I heard the ad on the radio”

“I have not had a craving since. I would recommend the treatment to anyone that would like to quit smoking.”

CB Kawana Island

Rating: 5 out of 5.

” I am so proud of myself

“Thank you so much, it has been 10 weeks since I had the treatment I feel so good. Nothing else worked with me like this,”

JS Buderim

Stress Control

I was suffering from depression and was on anti-depressants on and off for 5 years until I found Laser Trend. After my first 3 stress treatments, I slowly went off my anti-depressants and havent needed them since. I recommend to anyone that is suffering from depression or is stressed (for any reason) to give Declan at Laser Trend a call. Dont wait, get de-stressed.

RR Noosa

Weight Control

I could shout with delight, for the first time in my life, I have not felt hungry. I am on track and motivated to keep going. Value for money this is the best I have tried.Thank you.
GS Noosa

Alcohol Control

I used to drink a lot every day and for a woman that is not good. My life revolved around drinking. Even when I took the kids shopping and we had lunch out, I had to find a licensed restaurant. I had tried a few times to quit; cold turkey, hypnosis even just cutting down it worked for a couple of days but the cravings were really intense. Last Christmas, after a screaming alcohol enraged fight with my partner, having my eldest child throw things around the room to try and stop us and seeing my youngest curled up on the floor crying hysterically was the biggest slap in the face Ive ever had. I knew this time it was not only my own life at stake it was my childrens as well. I called LaserTrend. Absolutely fantastic!! I still cant believe it. Thanks to LaserTrend I have a new life without alcohol and it was so easy. I still socialise with people who drink and go out to restaurants but I just dont have the cravings to need a drink.

CL Sunshine Coast

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