What do others say about LaserTrend cold laser therapy?

In July last year I came to see you about my smoking, which I must say has been very sucessful. I haven't smoked since.
I then came to see you in December re: my drinking...again very successful as I have not had a drink since
Now I am asking for your assistance in another matter and I don't know if the laser therapy can help, but I feel that I am a very angry person, especially due to the amount of stress that I am under and when I fear financial hardship, etc, etc...my fears turn to anger.
I am proud that I have not reverted to smoking and drinking because of it, but I need to do something about it soon!
Your laser therapy has helped me successfully twice where nothing else did..maybe it can help with this too.
DS Sunshine Coast

Sixteen days !! ~ Going well, I have smashed a couple of rubber bands along the way though.  I think my husband thinks that he has a new wife I have been getting up at 10 to 5am, leaving the house at 5am and going for walk / jogs for an hour just about everyday.  Just feeling on fire.  Thank you so very much I couldn't have done this without your help.  It seems to have just created this positive force all around me, its amazing.
MF Sunshine Coast
I smoked 50 a day. It has been two years since I had the Laser Treatment and I have never looked back. The laser made it so easy, I am amazed with the results.
April 2007
HB Sunshine Coast

14 weeks ago I was a "40 smokes a day girl" and my husband all but drove me insane by nagging me to go and see you as I had tried other methods over the years to try and give up smoking and he thought it would be good for me to try laser therapy (yeah right!!! I thought).I saw you to have laser therapy 13weeks ago (today) and I just have to tell you I have not had one cigarette since. The results for me are just terrific if not short of a miracle. I have had not one craving, just a few controllable evil thoughts (as I like to call them). I have just gotten over a simple COLD (something I haven't experienced in years), normally this would have turned into a sinus infection, or a bronchial infection and would have had me flat for 2 to 3 weeks, but I was over this cold in 4 days. I went from 40 a day and out of control to now living my life and being in control and the bonus is money in my account to boot. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Yours faithfully
Kiamba via Yandina.
I went from 80 a day to zero in a one hour treatment.
BH  Maroochydore
Thank you so much, it has been 10 weeks since I had the treatment I feel so good. Nothing else worked with me like this, I am so proud of myself.
JS Buderim
It is truely amazing - so easy to be free from cigarettes. My sincerest thanks.
AW Noosa Heads.
At last something that works, I stopped smoking in one hour,did not believe I could, but I did.
PS Noosa Heads
I smoked 40 a day and quit in one hour it was so easy.
BF Nambour 
I was recommended to LaserTrend by a friend that quit, I would say, anyone that wants to quit should have laser therapy.
BR Tewantin
It is six months since I had laser treatment and I want you to know, I have not had a smoke since or even desire one. Thank you so much.
PV Warana Sunshine Coast  
Have been smoking for 40 years and tried everything to quit. I found laser therapy was relaxing it gave me the will power to stop and stay off the dreaded weed. I was very surprised that it worked. I have more money in my pocket. It has Paid for itself over and over.
JW Mooloolaba Qld
I found it so successful.I have quit so many time before tried every product on the market. Then I heard about this laser therapy, what have I got to loose I said and am I glad I did. I enjoy a much healthier life and so do my family.
KC Palmwoods QLD
Well it has been three years since I had laser therapy to break the habit of smoking. I am still off them. Found it hard to believe it would work, thanks to the treatment it did. I have recommended many people to have it done and all have been successful. At first I thought the price was a bit high but when I looked into it I was going to spend a lot more on cigarettes. The investment was well worth it. I now have more money than I had while I was smoking.
NB Sydney July 2001
I heard the ad on the radio, my girlfriend checked it out on the net ,we were happy with  the information. I booked in, found it very relaxing in fact I fell asleep during the session. I have not had a craving since. I would recommend the treatment to anyone that would like to quit smoking.
I have tried Patches, Zyban and cold turkey,  non of them worked for me. I have had laser treatment and it has worked for me. I was not so sure it would but I wanted to quit so I tried and I am glad I did.Hard to believe but it works.
SR Chancellor Park
I was a little unsure if it would work. It's the best thing I have done in my life. I would recommend it to anyone that want to stop smoking.
MB Moffat Beach
I am so glad I booked in for the treatment, I found it the easiest way to break the habit. Thank you for all your help.
DM Peachester
Thank you, you saved my life
CK Maroochydore
I'm glad my friend told me about your Laser Therapy, I have not had a craving from day one.
Thank you.
CP Sippy Downs
It is hard to believe I have had success at last I am now a proud non smoking.
JL Imbil Qld
This is the most relaxing way to quit, I did not get uptight, I had plenty of willpower thanks to the Laser therapy. Thank you for helping me.
AN Twin Waters
I am so happy I quit, it was easy, every smoker who wants to quit should take you treatment.
LL Landsborough
This is so amazing, all my friends said it would not work. Well have I got news for them. I have not smoked since the first day.
WD Cotton Tree.
The laser therapy treatment was so good, I had no cravings after the treatment. I have not smoked since and have referred friends.
BK Mooloolah
I was very Sceptical at first, but I have to say, this was the most relaxing and easiest way to quit smoking.
JO Alexandra Headland
I was referred to LaserTrend by a friend, I am so glad with the results.
FD Glasshouse Mtns
I have smoked since I was 19 years old, I'm now in my fifties. I was blown away it was so easy.I feel so good.
VM Yandina
It is the easiest way I have experienced to stop smoking and so relaxing.
DG Pomona



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To whom it may concern

When I first spoke to the therapist about  laser treatment I was a bit skeptical. I have tried many treatments from Chiropractor, Acupuncture, and Bowen Massage etc. So by just playing with your ear I thought, Oh Yeah!

But!! To my pleasant surprise after only one treatment to my fluid carrying ankle the fluid was gone and has not returned.

On the strength of that I went ahead and had treatment on my shoulder that had troubled me for years Hang over from too many years at sea as a fisherman, 3 treatments later this pain has gone no more pain killers, which I had to have most days, and the pain has not returned.

Now whenever I have any niggles straight to LaserTrend.

PL  Kawana Waters

Stress Control



I was suffering from depression and was on anti-depressants on and off for 5 years until I found Laser Trend. After my first 3 stress treatments, I slowly went off my anti-depressants and havent needed them since. I recommend to anyone that is suffering from depression or is stressed (for any reason) to give Declan at Laser Trend a call. Dont wait, get de-stressed. 

RR Noosa


 Weight Control

 I could shout with delight, for the first time in my life, I have not felt hungry. I am on track and motivated to keep going.  Value for money this is the best I have tried.Thank you.
GS Noosa
Dear Sir,
just some quick feedback on the treatments I had not long ago, I have since lost 15kg and am on the road to more weight loss and am sure the laser treatment has been a major contributor and the fact that I have such a supportive wife. My wife is also benefiting from the treatment she had. So thank you very much for your help.
Feb 2007
C & M D
The control I have gained from your treatments has given me a new lease of life.With the treatment and the your guidance, it makes so much sence and I find it easy to lose the weight.
KM Maroochydore

Alcohol Control

I used to drink a lot every day and for a woman that is not good. My life revolved around drinking. Even when I took the kids shopping and we had lunch out, I had to find a licensed restaurant. I had tried a few times to quit; cold turkey, hypnosis even just cutting down it  worked for a couple of days but the cravings were really intense. Last Christmas, after a screaming alcohol enraged fight with my partner, having my eldest child throw things around the room to try and stop us and seeing my youngest curled up on the floor crying hysterically was the biggest slap in the face Ive ever had. I knew this time it was not only my own life at stake it was my childrens as well. I called LaserTrend. Absolutely fantastic!! I still cant believe it. Thanks to LaserTrend I have a new life without alcohol and it was so easy. I still socialise with people who drink and go out to restaurants but I just dont have the cravings to need a drink.
CL Sunshine Coast
 March 20, 2002
Testamonial Letter
Dear LaserTrend,

This is a letter that I have to write to you in thanking you for being able to help Brian with the laser treatment that you have given him. It has been now 8 weeks and we have been out for dinner several times and not once has Brian even thought about having an alcoholic drink, he even went to the bottle shop on Monday as he had to get some money out to pay for a bill to take away some rubbish as we have removed all the kitchen for our new kitchen to go in on Wednesday 20/3/02 and bought a bottle of scotch for our neighbor for moving our lawn, and that did not worry him. I am so proud of him as he is doing so well and he is also loosing a lot of weight, probably because of the hard and physical work he is doing now.

And I know I do owe it to you for being so frank with him and giving him the strength and will power, I also know it is because I stand with him and behind to help him as I am the same I dont need or wish to have a drink, we are both quiet happy to drink the Woolworths bubbly it is quiet refreshing.

Also I must thank you for the help with the laser treatment you have given me to help me loose some weight, as I told you I was 78kg when I came to you and after my first / second visit I had lost 2 kg I have lost more I have stabilized to 74kg and I am very happy with this and if I loose a another 2 kg and stabilize at 72kg its a bonus. It is hard work because some time one does like to have a finger bun /cake/chocolate and I do but not to excess in other words I do not over do it, and that is due to the strength and will power I have got but with your help it has been great.

We Both Thank You
Brian and Loree
I have not had a drink or even want to have a drink since I had the laser treatment in Jan 07.
I feel so proud.  I had lost control and my life was a mess.Thank you.
BT Sunshine Coast
Well I am so excited about what has happened, I have to tell you. We had planned to go out for dinner, my normal habit would be to drink a bottel or two of wine at dinner, not this night no I had one glass all night and I sipped it for the night. I did not feel like having anymore. It has been so good.
JG Brisbane 
Sprained Ankle
 I sprained my ankle 40 years ago, since then it has been swollen and sometimes quite painfull.I
had laser therapy on it (3 visits) the swelling subsided and I am back in high heeled shoes, which I could not do before, without severe pain.
PC Sydney
I have osteoarthritis in my joints after three treatments I have had remarkable relief.Thank you for improving my life.
MC Hornsby
Back Pain
I could not believe the relief I had after the laser therapy. I was in so much pain I found it hard to even walk. I had 3 treatments, I went to the Sunshine Plaza and I was able to spend time walking around without pain. I had not had a pain free day for over a year even while I was on pain killers.
 KW Ballina NSW
I suffer from migraine very often. I had one treatment and the relief was so good, I came back for 2 more treatments. I have not had one for some time now. As soon as I feel one coming on I will be straight back for another treatment. Thank you for giving me quality of life again.
DT Chancellor Park